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+18008374977 / Anne / Negative
Claimed to be Verizon fraud. Called Verizon directly to confirm they had no fraud issue.
+16504179090 / florian ausserlesener / Negative
+12158571011 / Tw / Negative
Scam caller claiming to be Dawson Webber group, use scare tactics and legal knowledge to get info from u and attempt to collect debt, FAKE FAKE FAKE! Do not comply with these scum bags
+18437621234 / SOttrustty
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+14144099795 / anonymous
On August 16, this number called me. They said something about car repairs. I think it is a scam.
+18005079283 / Yousef / Negative
Calls me every day, nobody answers!
+15204453750 / Kevin kim
How can I get account from uber
Said on caller ID: INMATE CALL.
+13125466265 / Erik / Negative
Nobody was there when I answered
+12107418037 / Andrea / Negative
A private number called me today saying she was a courier and asked if I would be home to serve me papers. I asked her what for cause I don't owe anyone anything. She gave me this phone number to call saying I owed this company. When I told her I was going to contact a lawyer she hung up. So I called the number and there was no company name or anything and you had to leave all your information on a voicemail. I hung up leaving no information and googled the number to see it's a scam.