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+17204141614 / Pam / Negative
I picked up- they didnt answer - I hung up. I have no patience for spammer, scammers or people who dial and don't set their robo calling system to respond immediately when the person being called picks up. I'm not waiting around for someone to decide to tell me what they called me for. Life is too short. I would label this as scammer.
+14253725320 / JENNIFER / Negative
multiple calls in the same day never leaves a message when I do pick up no one is there or they ask for personal info over the phone and will either not tell you why they are calling or claim you owe a debt to a company you have never done business with. When they do answer you they will be rude and demanding or ask for a person that does not have the number. Even if you tell them that the person is not there or wrong number they will keep calling and are rude.
+13869869821 / KIMBERLY
who is this
+13869869821 / Kimberly
who is this
+17206398087 / shanni
I answered the phone as this number has called about 7 times in a whole week. I talked to the person finally as I answered. A lady spoke to me and wants me to subscribe the Denver Post. She asked a lot to subscribe. All I said is I am not interested.
+17864608835 / biker / Negative
nervt ohne ende dieses arschloch.
wenns so weiter geht kümmern sich die engerli darum !!!
+12025550147 / Chris Aime Talom / Positive
+12025550147 is who number
+18054604157 / Audrey
This number has called two days in a row..left no message.
+13149253119 / Sally Mae / Negative
This number shows in my phone several times aday. It's currently blocked but, still show they tried to call.
+18776306498 / Sue K / Negative
This is a SCAM. They left a voicemail for a sibling on *MY* phone; claiming they have the sibling's SSN and needed to confirm his address and employer. They also said there's some sort of document that needs to be signed and it'll be arriving in 24-48 hours. If it's already going to arrive in a day or two, then you already have the address, right?? This reads scam, scam, scam!!