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+15028270899 / Shallots
No info
+18777457721 / GoveCek
Can you want something new? Look at this site. Only here the choice of women for every unique guy and completely free! They are obedient slaves, they will perform anything you command !
+12138987731 / Olive / Negative
Guy claims that I had won a trip. Scammer alert!
+17864542439 / Lottie / Negative
For years I have seen these adds where you can add some info to see if you are eligeable to participate in the green card lottery. I was curious, even if I don't want to apply, I am NOT interested in moving to the US! When I had entered, I got a reply that I was eligeable and was offered on screen to pay an amount in order to enter the lottery. I of course closed the form at this point. This was during this weekend, today is Monday (although a holiday here).
First the phone rang once. I let it ring. But then it rang again. I denied it. Then they just kept ringing over and over again. That is harrassment, as I see it! I blocked them!
Well, if they start calling from different numbers, I will just keep blocking them. Just ringing like they did now, keep repeating, even if someone obviously can't speak at the moment or just are not interested, is just disrespectful and very offputting! Calling like that, e.g. If a person is driving, could cause an accident!
They are obviously very eager to get hold of your credit card number and some of your money ($39 or smth like that)
+14845890756 / Bob19977 / Negative
Don't think this charity is even valid
+12025808104 / Joshua hines
I applied for a loan on line. And the next day said I got approved threw sun trust bank in Washington DC. And now he " mark johnson" supposely. Is trying to get me to send money threw pre paid cards. One day I sent over hundred and the next day trying to get me to send over two hundred before the bank can wire transfer money from state to state bank to bank. I think it's a scam. Any suggestion?
+18007563308 / dave / Negative
telemarketing loans
+12104050450 / San Antonio Tx Woman / Negative
Fake police scam asking for $100-$5k claims to be a Lieutenant (210) 405-0450 at 12pm 5/18/18 Used cops Identification but is not a SAPD Lieutenant do not give credit card to or bank info this is not a local police department claimed to be 1x police fundraiser .Beware
+13473520141 / fjc / Negative
robo IRS SCAM - threatening message about arrest warrant. BEWHERE!
+13473520141 / your name
weird message about a lawsuit