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+13158205309 / Elsie
+1(315)820-5309 ROBOCALLERTelemarketer Oneida County, NY Recommended P-Test WELLNESS CK via Oneida Sheriff's Department #Crimestoppers 2022 USA
+18596251100 / Larry
+1(859)625-1100 WENDELL C. WILSON900 W Main Street, Richmond, KY 40475SCAM associated to the domain up-for-saleRebelcoders dot com#Crimestoppers USA 2022
+18172132133 / Elsie
+1(817)213-2133 HIGH RISK TERRORISTReported for Financial SCAMS
+14056336075 / James
Need help
+13042151562 / Don't know
This number calls and never leaves a message
+19184205510 / Tommie Jane White
+1(918)420-5510 High Risk TerroristKrebs, Oklahoma 74554Pittsburg County - STALKER Child Pornography - Real Estate Fraud - Identity Theft without Consent of A Real Estate Agent Not Recommended 2022#Crimestoppers USA 2022
+15403898226 / James
+1(540)389-8226 Cory Ross CooperMadison County, Kentucky
+15043898226 / Virginia
+1(540)389-8226 Cory Ross Cooper5000 Barbaro Ct.Richmond, Kentucky 40475Madison County, KY LOCATION
+16075644845 / Lin
Hang up when machine answers. Caller IS states "Newfield, NY" another telemarketer or politician ? Let's stop these jerks !
+13152386106 / Lin
Hang up when answering machine came on. Caller ID was EC Pharmacy. Another stupid telemarketer??