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+18026223682 / Jd / Negative
+13176481469 / rae / Negative
this person calls from a different 648 exchange and its like a pre-recorded call that wants you to say "yes" to what ever question they ask...THIS IS A SPAM CALL TRYING TO GET ACCESS TO YOUR INFO BY ASKING YOU A QUESTION THAT ONLY HAS A YES ANSWER. I BLOCK THIS CALL EVERY DAY
+14029357733 / Kiana Veasey / Positive
This <a href="">Paypal number</a> is legit. Maybe at times, there are some problems I've encountered but they're working out immediately. That's why this number is ok for me.
+16502530001 / David / Negative
Called and said they are from Google Finance. I asked further what is the company name, and she said company name is Google Finance. So i know it is not true. Google Finance is a product not a registered company.
+16467518783 / Dewi / Positive
They called for about 40 minutes. I submit some form for greencard lottery and they called me today says that im eligible to win the greencard.
So they want to process my application and ask me for my debit card number. Thats weird, so I gave them my husband's card and bam 0 dollars. Luckily, he transfered all of his money to mine.
Be careful!!
+18003553001 / Concerned / Negative
Left a voicemail. Then pressed play, the voicemail mysteriously deleted itself & didn’t play the message!!! Beware very fishy.
+15648820502 / Negative
Hat eben angerufen. Eine Frauenstimme in schrecklich gebrochenem deutsch redete irgendwas von Windows und mein Computer und alle Dateien und schrecklicher Virus - hab aufgelegt.
+15648820502 / Negative
sofort gesperrt
+18324601864 / GLOBAL TRUST MANAGEMENT LLC / Negative
Calls every day several times a day
+18164204632 / Phill G / Positive
Received a call and they hung up on answering. Called the number back after checking it online. Gave the agent a number to look up (she already had it from caller ID) when she asked for my name I said "My first name is Phill. I'm not sure this isn't a scam, so you tell me what my last name is. She complied and was able to accurately describe the accounts I do have with Citibank.
It's possible that a scammer is spoofing this number and hoping for first call marks. The number is genuine.
Note: I don't in general recommend dealing through caller ID numbers. Always use the number on the back of your card to reach out and they will transfer you to the right place. And I absolutely will not give PII out on a call to me from a number I don't know.