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+13097124699 / Reta
who called me from this number
+19067179819 / Vic
Name and address of the owner of 09067179819
+18042981773 / melbetbetmel
зеркало мелбет на сегодня
+19724087438 / Rhnea
Part left a mesg stated that I owed SSA will be sued for Fraud ... I filed a report with FTC and SSi
+13178933604 / Jack Armstrong
I missed the call
+12405404409 / Bri
Scam for BTC
+15104283242 / Jane Pitman / Positive
Childrens hospital survey line
+18437621234 / SandraBlibe
The best adult Dating site
+18032191252 / Dallas / Negative
This number has called me several times now, but each time the phone screen barely has a chance to turn on and display the incoming call before they hang up. Never leave a message either. As such I assume they've nothing of import to say so I've not called them back. But it is starting to get annoying. Same pattern every time - I'd guess it would be that on their end they are hanging up at about the second ring. Every. Time.
+18008374965 / pennij / Negative
They called on late Sunday afternoon saying my Verizon account will be suspended due to recent changes to my account. As we are aware the cronavirus 19 has everything shut down...don't fall for it.. it's a scam.