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+14783007392 / wayne
+18592422828 / Elsie
(859)242-2828 Caller ID: TRYSTYNUnregistered Business via.the SOS, KY Reported to FTC 31 Jul 2022Mobile CellphoneLast OWNER: Jeremiah Shane DaybellCaller: "UNKNOWN" - NOT SAFE
+17017068650 / Negative
nächste unbekannte Nummer mit 0170 ... kaum eine vor 20 min blockiert, schon kommt die nächste. Ein "Hallo" und es wird aufgelegt.
+12483010893 / Dannie Craig
+1(248)301-0893 P E D O P H I L E Commerce, Michigan Silent - Breathes HEAVY #TEAM MICHiGAN 2022 Sent Text Links to P O R N with childrens' images to my 15 year old Son!Caller: P E D O P H I L E
+13155521433 / Stapley
This ph no appeared in my telegram acc. Never heard of the person.
+18592296213 / Tessa
+1(859)229-6213 Elizabeth Tipton Michael 5167 Cambry Lane Lakeland, Florida 33805 Caller ID "Tressa Sandlin" Age 51 On Inlink - Georgetown Using a Fake Email Account Actual: [email protected] Works with Jeremy Michael Pigman, 42 * Via Spydialer dot com + Maps [email protected] As of 28 Feb 2022 Games with people's lives on the internet - Identity Theft WITHOUT CONSENT
+19172319701 / Kan
This number has called my mobile in Australia a few times at 3 AM and 6 AM. No message left.
+13034985534 / Rich
This is not spam callRICHARD GREENLEE called me
+18458427686 / Eric Nelson
He called me for lending a loan, scammed me out of $800
+18557971449 / Lin
ANOTHER TELEMARKETING CALL ! I am sick and tired of these hang ups and leave no message. Why can't these scum bums be stopped ?