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+12093265559 / Luis Manuel
Me llamaron de este numero, tengo una llamada perdida
+18003292327 / Марина
Очень страшно звонить. Боюсь что он убьет меня
+18009094525 / Dennis Ray / Negative
I spoke to Amazon about a phone message on my answering machine asking me to call 1 860 909 4525. Amazon told me that Amazon does not call but they send email. Amazon said call is a scan attempt. Scam sucks, be wise and don't be tricked from #<*×@&÷ scamers.
+12014942678 / Lisa
+14172024619 / Negative
Unseriöse und aufdringlicher Anrufe .Ichsollte meine Remotedektop prüfen lassen ,Vermutlich Abzocke,wollen ans Konto
+14029357733 / Negative
keine Ahnung hab nicht abgenommen,war Nachts um 2.20 ungefähr.Da es heisst es wäre von Pay Pal und ich kein Pay Pal habe,frage ich mich warum man aus Nebraska anruft?? 14029357733
leaving voiceless voicemail
+19105448017 / Joyce
they don't leave a message just hang up
+19109117517 / Cape Fear Commercail Lawn Service inc
no message .nothing was said
+17867557212 / tired of scams
suspect scam robocall claiming to be "urgent message about your car warranty" with an offer to extend car warranty; same robocall recording but coming from different area code with different number each day, and sometimes even multiple calls from different area codes and different numbers during the same day.