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+18666950733 / Rita / Negative
+18666950733 has been calling me nonstop. Never says anything at all on the other end. Scam caller. When I suspect a scam, I only answer with "hello" and if no one responds, I clear my throat. If no one still responds, I hang up.
+13479421672 / tom hanks / Positive
a low life with a big nasty mouth
+19132449951 / Secret truth / Negative
This man knowingly sold a dangerous van to a woman with 6 kids
+13146669790 / victim / Positive
+18484802226 / Jane Doe / Negative
Okay, so first off, the number called me at midnight as soon as I got home. Suspicious, right? I didn't answer because I get weird calls on the phone all the time. So the number leaves a voicemail, and I s**t you not, it was gurgling and cracking and it scared the living s**t out of me. Anyone else get this?
+18772538964 / That Guy / Positive
Strange toll free number shows up in my voicemail, saying scary things, I thought it was a scam! Until my card didn't work. I gave the number a call. They didn't ask for anything except zip code and they knew my most recent transactions and it was an easy to use automated system. I told that automated system no personal information and they did not ask for payment. I do not believe this is a scam but instead is a little-known and rather legit fraud detection 3rd party . I contacted my bank, they knew of this company and verified what this number told me as well.
+18188446117 / Mat / Negative
He actually is part of the soon to be disbanded and defunct Weinstein Group he is a lame publicist based in Los Angeles had his office lease on the Warner lot reduced month to month then canceled now is in an office in HBO in Santa Monica steer clear he bits
+18005652111 / quit
you hear typing and static
+19292681983 / ruokjs / Negative
Imagine that I am getting arrested by the IRS. TOTAL SCAM!!!! Do NOT answer this call, you will not be arrested, and the IRS will send you mail not call.
+19292681983 / Grumpy / Negative