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+14106954572 / Nguyễn phạm Long vũ
Lớp 6a12
Random call? Or robocall? Or?
+13176670024 / Marshall
Keep getting calls but never leaves a message, spam or scam
+17019645691 / ted
Received a phone call from 7019645691? Let us know why and when ;).If I knew why I wouldn't be trying to find out who's number that is on this lame a** site!
+18772538964 / Danielle
It was an automated message that said there was fraudulent activity it came up fraud detection on my telephone and it was on my landline so I usually call the card from my landline but I didn’t speak to somebody right away I wanted to look at my card information first and then call them back they gave me the same number that came up on my caller ID 1-877-253-8964 and then they gave me a case number and they had my information to my card I tried to call it back and when I asked for the case number it says that there’s nothing more that I need to do and when I call my card I enter the information they asked me for I even tried to go online and answer the security questions and I couldn’t seem to get online I called my card US Bank focus card is what it is and I waited on hold for 3 1/2 hours and then The phone hung up on me so I’m not sure what to do I’m back on the phone with the number on the back of the card if anybody has any information please let me know I would appreciate it thank you
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+17023019097 / bob
repeats calls- messge about insurance
Kennt jemand diese Nummer??