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+18005552717 / Eric
It was seen in South Park but not sure what it is
+18437621234 / DestinyKnw
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+18437621234 / LillianKex
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+14432305542 / Joe / Negative
Social security scam
+12022432400 / MA / Negative
Scammers from Must University, claim they are from UAE Embassy to take money to the legalize the fake master from this fake unaccredited Must University, I went to the police and they told me that they are using an application to show these numbers, however these numbers are to receive calla not to CALL!!
+18552645962 / MA / Negative
Must University are Scammers, they took from me 9000 $ for a fake unaccredited master. TAKE CARE
+18437621234 / Huntermen
+14696074239 / Unknown
They are trying fraud ppl by giving away puppy and telling you they will ship it to you. Express universal is going to call you to give you confirmation and invoice.
#+1 (276) 821-8483
Email to make payment
For PayPal
Email with fake creglist
+18437621234 / RyanKyh
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I received a call from this number stating My identity is stolen, did social security called you to notify? I told him not that I know of any notice from Social security on identify theft. You must be a fraud. The guys then said OK and hang up.