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+18437621234 / SCCoedy
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Wem gehört die Nummer 0012625836725 ?
Hallo Leute! Wisst ihr vielleicht, wer uns von 12625836725 angerufen hat?
+18014107818 / John / Negative
Robo calls!!! Scam!!
+17864608876 / Kasey / Negative
scam , criminal
+16232052067 / IP MAN / Negative
Fake Private Investigator Scam. Craig's List Scam. aka: John Stensrud, John Moore, Johnny Morris Moore
+19842032919 / Rana / Negative
regresame mi cel
+12036171849 / Vengeance / Negative
phishing for phone info
+16467765835 / US Govt employee / Negative
caller wanted me to listen to sales pitch. Attempted to get on do not call list since the number called is a government phone on military installation.
+19724971400 / RMoore / Positive
THIS IS NOT A SCAM! It is a legitimate call from Social Security. People get them for different reasons. I got mine because SS had recently sent me a form to fill out if I needed Extra Help with prescription drug costs, and this call was just to remind me to fill out the form and return it in case I did need the help.