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+18002922446 / Angela fritz
Wondering what this number is,
+18004321001 / Dan / Negative
SCAM!!! dont fall for it.
+12029533527 / Taffy
Text from this number about suspending my PayPal account for too many times trying to access. Asked for personal information in order to get PayPal back up. Definitely SPAM as I don't have PayPal account and even if I did would never provided personal information.
Wir hatten länger klingeln lassen, weil schon nach 21:00 Uhr. Dann wurde aber aufgelegt.
+18503721232 / Negative
Nummer aus Florida. Bestimmt eine Abzocke, nicht hingehen, es fallen sonst auch Roaminggebühren an.
+12628246753 / tired of scams
suspect scam robocall claiming to be "urgent message about your car warranty" with an offer to extend car warranty; same robocall recording but coming from different area code with different number each day, and sometimes even multiple calls from different area codes and different numbers during the same day.
+14046608143 / Taffy
Keeps calling but hangs up
049: 15615997547
+16572008050 / AN / Negative
Online love Scammer, david morris. US military
+12342881313 / Dale
At 4pm today. Call robot said charges were filed against me, says 2nd & last attempt, court hearing must not be ignored, to speak to officer press 1. Pressed 1 and when answered I said Hello couple times, person on other end moaned couple times and said Seek God, Seek God. Then hung up.