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Seltsamerweise habe ich versucht, diese Nummer zurückzurufen, aber wenn ich zur Voicemail komme, heißt es, dass die Mailbox voll ist.
+15168841942 / Negative
1516 8841942
+18044194935 / tired of scams
suspect scam robocall from spoofed number claiming to be "urgent message about your car warranty" and "last chance" to extend the warranty before account gets closed. This "last chance" has been going on for a year. Same robocall recording but coming from different area code with different number each day, and sometimes even multiple calls from different area codes and different numbers during the same day; message always refer back to toll free number 833-304-1447.
+16282156893 / Ilda Pereira de Almeida
don't understand whytheycall me
+18082150421 / Mohamed Yousef hanfi
+18082150421 / Mohamed Yousef hanfi / Positive
+18082150421 / Mohamed Yousef hanfi / Positive
+18082150421 / محمد يوسف
لا أستطيع التحدث بالفعل الانجليزيه
Dealer Sevice Center for car warrenty service. They from many different phone numbers and area codes. They claim my warrenty has expired.
+17046313949 / Negative
Werde von dieser Nummer belästigt.