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+16026395975 / Hawk / Negative
They leave voicemail offering $2k, mailed to me, I blocked him. I ADVISE YOU TO DO THE SAME!
+18664905501 / Newtonpo / Negative
Every day at least once. Finally answered out of curiosity. Some Hispanic kid taking a radio survey. Just hung up but believe it to be a scam of some type
+18664905501 / Newtonpo / Positive
Call every day at least once. Some kind of radio survey.
+17147073350 / Negative
+12158571011 / saber
who is this ?
+18664045379 / babe
who is this
+17865094429 / Crystal
Someone is saying they want to date from this number and asking if they can send me money to spoil me on Valentine’s Day but need my banking information
+18056377243 / Okema / Negative
Freak feel like I have been sold some boot leg phone simple mobile everyone phone should have our own number as vm idk why this number on my vm smfh.
+15022057934 / Adam Button / Negative
Asking for money on credit card.
+16505051621 / gsgshsh / Negative