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+14029357733 / Bersma
I live in the Netherlands, I do not know this number,. So I did not answer.
+18042981773 / Gabrieldon
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+14155212343 / kim
this number is to a Jeffery Avalos hes now in Nigeria
+18042981773 / EzriqueCof
+18456021111 / [email protected]
it phoned at 6am then 7am so woke us up twice. did not want to press "1" as instructed. Annoyed and concerned. It might have been a supplier who stupidly sent a text message to the landline but don't know
+18437621234 /
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+18662753866 / Negative
Windows Service Center gegen Trojaner, ich soll mir etwas herunterladen. Sofort auflegen!
+19104087626 / Nick
Spam Text by Melody Samuel from Fathom Realty wanting to sell the unit I rent?? I am registered on the Do Not Call list. Reporting, Blocking, and notifying my lawyer.
+13144591815 / Sorie
Called and left a recording for warranty on my vehicle
+12482663207 / Lala / Negative
I got hack to this number today in my WhatsApp so now I have to wait 10 hours to enter again 🤦‍♀️🤬😡😡😡😡