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+16029261327 / Вика / Negative
Взломали вк по звонку
+19173980668 / Grace / Negative
Refusing to give name of company or any information until I give my address. I told her I am not giving my address to anyone who is refusing to give me information on why they are contacting me. This number calls me at least 2 times a day everyday even though I blocked the number.
+12024558888 / Negative
Gefährlicher anruf
+18437621234 / CharlesFaf
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+12025550137 / Isaac Niginamb
I am from Madang, port Moresby Papua New Guinea.
I am interested in you. Please would you be my friend for life
+15122344030 / Claire / Negative
A phone call saying they are from Docusign........... questionable
+19402934996 / stacey
I am not sure who is calling me from this number.
+15162899923 / Анатолий
Кто знает какой страны этот номер
+13238886250 / Xenu
It was Dianetics from Scientology.
+18456007036 / Gordana / Negative
This is criminal people they want to pay me to pay pal some machine which I sell in local newspaper Halo oglasi. Price is 6000Eur.
Name is Amina on viber.