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+13022080133 / Negative
Sammelt scheinbar Werbung aus dem Netz.
Um dann zu kontaktieren.
+19257191031 / nick
Diese Nummer gehört zum Windows Authentifizierungs service.
Wer z.B. Chrome als Browser benutzt und dabei Microsoftprodukte aufruft muss sich immer wieder per Handy identifizieren.
Störender Anruf, da keine Nachricht vorliegt, bleibt die Leitung stumm. Rang heute um 9 Uhr morgens zweimal.
+14356990514 / DAn
unwanted, no id, who knows
+15127844654 / txgal
Julia Ursa Horsby ----- she's a *** scammer located in Travis County Tx.... currently residing out on the western edge of the Williamson County/Travis County line........Loves to send nude photos. Don't think she's picky about gender...
+19296286935 / Elsie
+1(929)628-67355 SCAMMER+1(929)628-6735 SCAMMER City: Smithfield. State: North Carolina Possibly Related use of numbers # of digits#Team North Carolina REPORT TO STATE TROOPERS, North Carolina DISPATCH
+18008246191 / Elsie
800--824-6191 High Risk Terrorist This number has been reported 51 times to the FCC and FTC. The most common reported issue was Other but 800-824-6191 has also been reported for Dropped call or no message, Unwanted Calls, Telemarketing (including do not call and spoofing), Calls pretending to be government, businesses, or family and friends, Reducing your debt (credit cards, mortgage, student loans), Warranties & protection plans, and No Subject Provided. Reports have been made by users in 21 states. THE PUBLIC HAS DETERMINED THIS NUMBER UNSAFE.#TEAM USA#Crimestoppers USA 2022
+18888358730 / Anonymous
888-835-8730 MALWARE SCAM This number has been reported four (4) times to the FCC and FTC. The most recent reported issue is Transfer of Malware. Other calls involved Medical & prescriptions, and for Home improvement & cleaning. Reports have been made by users in four (4) states. DETERMINED UNSAFE BY THE PUBLIC #Crimestoppers USA 2022
+19292793313 / Joke / Negative
Doet zichzelf voor als bekend persoon. Met name: Ryan Reynolds
Om mij dan op te lichten
Opgelet voor dit nummer !!!!