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Comments (3) Rating - Negative 2/10
2019-08-13 / Andrea / Negative
A private number called me today saying she was a courier and asked if I would be home to serve me papers. I asked her what for cause I don't owe anyone anything. She gave me this phone number to call saying I owed this company. When I told her I was going to contact a lawyer she hung up. So I called the number and there was no company name or anything and you had to leave all your information on a voicemail. I hung up leaving no information and googled the number to see it's a scam.
2019-08-09 / Anonymous / Negative
Spam. They also left a message at my sister’s house for me. Really? Any legal documentation is sent via mail. The contact phone number was a personal cell #.
2019-07-31 / ElizabethVitale
I received a call from an unknown number told to call this number. To make a long story short was first supposedly from U.S. Bank then that story changed to a mediation department. I said for what? I have nothing on my credit report. Nothing on my check systems. I don't owe any money under legal requirement of law. She wouldn't spell her name for a BBB complaint or Attorney General Complaint. She said she was from MCS, but wouldn't say what it stands for. She wanted me to pay money and or sign an affidavit. I said I wouldn't sign for anything without an attorney approval. She tried to make me feel guilty like I was doing something wrong. She gave a PO Box of 2746 Houston Texas 77091, but I can't find that address listed to any MCS.

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