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National format without spaces 8002145483 Search
International format +18002145483 Search
National format (800) 214-5483 Search
Alternative international format 0018002145483 Search
Proprietary Database Search (first search free)
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Comments (2) Rating - Neutral 5/10
2019-04-12 / Venus McGowan
My card was robbed my friends keep this info when he trys to hide it send me info plz some Indian guy told me I get no money so they just think it's funny someone please a location on this . I had 2 starve and I know this illegal. S**t must b done on others . I am gonna mak3 a point to see him and show him that bullshit is not right it's time to fight back with all our might . My money is not urs and I'm no joke u lied and played and acted stupid and wouldn't tell me what i needed acted stupid the QUEEN IS ASKIN 4 THIS EXPOSED AND BACK UP TO FAC3 THE SLOW HEAD THAT SHOULD EXPLAIN 2 THE WORLD Y U R GONNA GET A WHOLE B***H SLAP ! PLEASE SEND ME WHAT I NEED TO BEGIN MY WAY OF SHOWING THESE BEINGS THAT GODS WRATH IS COMING SOONER THAN U SEE AND I AM VERY SPECIAL AND U R GONNA BE SHOCKED . U WILL B LEFT BEHIND AND NOTHING IS goin 2 make it . They all deny it and think long time away .....U BETTER GET ON REFUND AND TRUTH TODAY I WILL KNO LOCATION AND MORE THAN ALL U DID TO NOT ALLOW ME TO KNOW HEY ANGELS PLEAS3 PDA THE PROOF SO I CAN BLOW it up and make the money they stole be known and show him that bullshit is done . We r the ones that u should be worried about! Ur face ur place and u can't legal action cuz u r goin to be totally exposed . That's a warning yet promise ! ,🖕♠️V
2015-07-24 / hassiesas07

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