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Comments (5) Rating - Neutral 3/10
2020-03-25 / anonymous / Negative
Scam for sure i don't have a car and never did and i get these mailing and phone calls all the time.
2019-05-14 / anonymous
On May 15, I got a letter from "Endurance" claiming my car's warranty was expiring. I got the same letter last March. And I got a similar letter November 2018 from "Auto Assure" with same phone number. It is a trick to get your money.
2019-04-30 / anonymous / Negative
Sending scam letter claiming one’s car Extended Vehicle Service Plan cost going up and call right away to lock in current rate. Are using Endurance logo, address in Skokie, IL, but wrong phone number for Endurance; instead this bogus cell number. Targeting elderly people who don’t even have a car...
2019-03-10 / anonymous
"Auto Assure" is sending out letters claiming your car's warranty is expiring. It is a trick to get you to send money. I got a very similar letter in November 2018.

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