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Comments (19) Rating - Negative 2/10
comes up on call id as Decision Support and call everyday at the same time and they are block and i am no call list for state and federal.
2019-02-07 / tare / Negative
They told me I had an outstanding debt (which I DID but am currently paying on as I went to court for it) and that I needed to call them to give them my info. I have been through this. They cannot call and leave a message giving ALL of my information on that message. It is illegal. And seeing the mixed messages as to what they're saying they're literally trying to take your money. DON'T TRUST THEM.
They claim to be the insurance company but they're a call center tasked with doing surveys for the insurer. The survey is long and tedious and ultimately unhelpful. Blocked the number.
2018-08-22 / EP / Negative
I just attempted to opt-out of phone calls using DSS Research's website. It says the email address is to cease EMAIL contact, but it would appear their office is closed at the moment, so I can't call them to opt-out of phone calls. I'm not about to waste time trying to get in touch with them, so hopefully the email will work.
From DSS Research's website:
Users who no longer wish to receive updates, participate in surveys, or have contact via email with DSS Research opt-out of receiving these communications by sending an email to: [email protected]"

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