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Comments (5) Rating - Negative 1/10
2019-05-08 / Jock Strap
People calling from +18559000120 are scammers in INDIA calling over the internet, so it looks like they are in USA.
I had a call from this number recently, early on a Saturday morning, from a woman with a heavy Indian accent, saying she was from US CONNECT SOLUTIONS, in "New York". saying that she has messages "bouncing back" from my lap top, that she can "repair" by my giving her remote access and control of my computer. Three things guy's 1/ The time of the call to me (in the UK) on a Saturday morning would havewould have been VERY earlyon a Saturday morning (5:30am ish???) in New York.....VERY early for a legitimate company to be "working". Upon accusing this woman of lying, of actually being in India, and also being advised she has already been reported to the US Federal Trade Commission and UK Action Fraud London Government Police, she quickly and abruptly terminated the call. SCAMMERS.
2/ ALSO a company by the name of US CONNECT SOLUTIONS was dissolved in the USA in 2018.
3/ I fogot to also ask the woman if she was a good faithful HINDU, and if she believed in the retributional actions of one of her "Gods"....VISHNU?
2019-04-27 / Derek / Negative
They called me twice in quick succession. The man had an almost impossibly thick accent... very difficult to understand. He said they had reports that hackers were trying to get into my computer and they could help me. I said "no way" and told them that THEY were the hackers. THIS IS OBVIOUSLY A SCAM... DON'T FALL FOR IT!!!
2019-04-19 / John / Negative
Computer "repair" SCAM - told me they'd repaired my desktop or latop - didn't even know which one I had . . .
2019-04-13 / Brian / Negative
This is from the US and they try to get into your computer by stating that there is a problem with your network. I know this is a SCAM as the company I use does not have any agents in America.

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