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Comments (18) Rating - Negative 2/10
2015-01-06 / anne / Negative
when I answered a computer generated voice said hello - then call seemed to transfer and was ringing - I waited for a few rings then hung up.
2014-11-18 / Pete / Negative
Just got a call from this number and received a voicemail message, "Hello?" There was silence for about 5 seconds then they hung up.
2014-10-21 / crimefighter/coach potato / Negative
(866)467-4907 called me at ~10:00AM 10/22/2014 . I answered and was at first greeted with silence, at which point I nearly hung up - then: "HELLO." (a creepy, computer generated-sounding female voice). Immediately following the HELLO the line seemed to xfer and began ringing. and ringing. and ringing. I had time to waste so I allowed it to ring, probably about 30 times, before *someone* picked up or in some way manipulated the call causing it to end. It was a very brief pause and I thought I heard breathing- about 1 or 2 seconds, then some sort of beep was heard as the call ended. Very strange so I googled and found many "scam" posts on sites like these, along with a business out of NYC that seems to have a good rating with bbb (Rooters Plumbing & Locksmith Svc's or something like that). I'm pretty determined to stop whoever this is now.
debt collection co using there initials instead of full name collection mostly sold but fresh medical debt. am was previously a debt collector

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Rating - Negative 2/10

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