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Comments (34) Rating - Positive 8/10
2019-04-11 / Stephanie / Positive
This number is not a scam, they look out for unusual transactions and call if they believe fraud might've ocurred against you.
2018-11-25 / dusty b / Positive
third party fraud protection for my bank. my card was declined online and I had received a missed call from this number. I had it marked as a spam call, so they were unable to leave a message. after looking up the number I realized it had to be about my card. called and since I didn't have a "claim" number, they asked for my full name and last 4 of my social. they then read off recent transaction amounts I had made with my card to make sure they were legitimate. Once I said yes to those, they took the the hold off my card.
2018-11-01 / JD / Positive
Got a few calls from this number but never answered as i don't answer 800 numbers as a general rule. Today they called again and i was tired of them calling so i was going to give then a piece of my mind. Answered call and it was automated saying potential fraud on my acct. Called my bank and asked them about it they said yes that number is a 3rd party fraud protection program we have. So i called the number all they needed was to verify my name and zip and they had all my recent transactions. We went over 3 that they flagged. All was good and legit but I'm glad they are on the lookout. This company is legitimate and real NOT a scam. So please don't believe all these idiots saying its a scam. Be smart call your bank if you are unsure. Good luck be safe out there.
2018-10-23 / Jess / Negative
I've had 2 calls from this number on 2 different occasions. Both times they've informed me about fraud detected on my debit card. Both times it had been legit. They didn't ask me for anything but my zip code and they already had my info and that of my card. Both times I verified with my bank and it was true that fraud had been detected. If it hadn't been for that call someone would have probably emptied out my bank account before I noticed.

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