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Comments (34) Rating - Positive 8/10
2018-10-05 / Jane / Positive
This is legit. Got an email from fraud protection service to call 877.253.8964 but I called the number on the back of my debit card instead and there was an attempt to use my card at a railroad station some 1500 miles away.
2018-10-02 / Carl / Negative
MY BANK CONFIRMED THAT THEY ARE A SCAM TODAY. They call saying fraud has been committed on your card. Then they tell you they stopped payment on that charge. They ask for your card and pin number so that they can stop your credit card. DON'T GIVE IT TO THEM. Then they ask you to key in that information on your phone. DO NOT DO THIS! CALL YOUR BANK. REPORT IT. ASK THEM TO REVIEW YOUR ACCOUNT.
2018-08-10 / Sandy/Andy / Positive
This is a true call for bank fraud for your debit card! Do not ignore it. They stopped additional charges to my account and blocked my card until I went in person to the bank the next day.
2018-06-01 / JWK / Negative
As said above they weren’t phishing for info, all i gave them was my zip and my name. They knew the last 4 of my card and all my recent transactions on my card and my bank. They notified me of someone using my card (which i didn’t lose) so apparently i was skimmed somewhere and luckily my bank declined the transaction i believe because i have a chipped card. Police report was filed. This is no scammer.

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